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We’ll schedule a time when we can come in to meet with you.

Discovery Meeting

Typically, it can take a few face-to-face meetings and phone discussions to fully understand your challenges and how we can assist you in getting your reimbursements quicker.

Statement of Work - SOW

We’ll come back with a full description of the work we’ve all agreed on and we’ll include an outline of clear roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders.

SOW Review

You will review the SOW and make changes or edits as needed. We all want to be 100% aligned on all aspects of our working relationship.

Accepted, Approved and Signed

The SOW serves as the play book of the working relationship. Everyone is aligned on work requirements, timelines, payment processes and everything in between.

Transition Call

Project team introduced, work requirements reviewed and timelines discussed.

Transition Phase

Medical billing software vendor transition and onboarding. We have
experience with all industry leading software vendors.

Go live!

We will have you up and running within 4 weeks!

Let's sit down for a free, no-obligation consultation. Your better business is just around the corner.

OR CALL US: (888) 616-3324