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We provide comprehensive, cost-effective

to healthcare providers

Your Partners in Business

HealthMed Partners, through our parent company, Sun Knowledge, has been serving the healthcare industry since 2007. We exist in order to help our customers be more successful in their businesses. We are an organization that strives to learn new and better ways to help our customers win!

Our Happy Customers Include

Dermatology Offices

Home Healthcare

Prosthetics & Orthotics

Multispecialty MD Offices

Emergency Rooms

Urgent Care

Nursing Homes


Imaging Services

Hospice Care

Durable Medical Equipment

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Workman's Comp Claims



Medical Billing

HealthMed Partners’end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management services are designed to leverage our service efficiencies, experience and knowledge to deliver your reimbursements quicker, at a lower cost while reducing your overall account receivables.


This is why Telehealth systems exist. the Telemedicine application ushers in a new era of ease and convenience in remote health care delivery. We invite you to explore its amazing capabilities and understand how it can help you as a patient or a healthcare provider.

What to Expect

Great Service

We strive to provide each and every client as if they were the only one. Customer support is at the top of our list.


In this day in age, data security is paramount. At HealthMed Partners, we ensure yours and your client's information is in safe hands.


Our comprehensive solutions were built for your business. We help solve the unique challenges healthcare providers face today.

Let's sit down for a free, no-obligation consultation. Your better business is just around the corner.

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